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TUESDAY, MAY 29TH 7:30pm

CHICAGO, IL 60657 (773) 871-6566

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EARS presents a very special listening party hosted by Blackspade Acoustics and Rax Trax Recording. Our guest will be Oliver Archut, the acclaimed designer of Blackspade mics who will be sharing with EARS a practical and technical presentation of these microphones and their fascinating evolution from historic Telefunken designs. Of course, we will get to hear these handsome mics and will be enjoying some fun A/B listening and comparison with the FLEA 49, 47, and Bock Audio 251 microphones as well.


Oliver ArchutLured by pro audio’s siren song at age 12, by the time he was 21 Oliver Archut was employed by AEG Telefunken Daimler Benz. In 1941, Siemens transferred its shares in Telefunken over to AEG. This agreement came to be known as the “Telefunken Settlement” and made AEG the sole owner of Telefunken and any of its remaining patents. During that time, Telefunken employed some of the finest engineers who pioneered many historic tube and transformer technologies.  Oliver sought out many of those designers and developed ongoing friendships with them, which he maintained after he moved to the U.S.

One day a very pivotal moment occurred.  Oliver was working at the former Telefunken archives when they decided to toss all of their osbolete schematics, spec sheets, and manufacturing manuals into the dumpster.  After retreiving them he was given the OK from his boss to keep everything, as Telefunken AG had its sights set on newer technology.  It was at that point that Oliver became interested in understanding how all of these highly prized vintage components actually work. This research plus his personal relations with the older designers fueled Oliver’s own creations, including the Blackspade mics.

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UM17RUM25CBlackspade’s UM17 began as a proprietary mod that Oliver has developed over the last 20 years. A version of that mod was licensed to TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik by AMI for the AK47.  That license expired in 2009, and AMI became free to use it in other products. Soon Oliver and AMI were working together on the Blackspade line implementing additional modifications to the original circuit resulting in the Blackspade UM17 and UM17R. With the new mods in place, the mic is described as a blend of the famed U47 and M49 designs.

The Blackspade UM25 is Oliver's interpretation of the classic Ela M251. There are some minor changes to the circuit to accommodate the tube used and to incorporate modern relays for the switching mechanism.  The goal of the mic was to get as close to the sound of the historic Ela M251 without putting costs in for the sole purpose of making an exact replica.

Blackspade's V series pre-amplifiers are based on original specs of the historic V72s, made by Siemens under the Telefunken brand.


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