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EARS party v.4 at Schuba's 2-26-2013 at 7:30pm
EARS is pleased to present V.4 Networking party at SCHUBA'S ...except this year we are delighted to commemorate the event in honor of EARS founder MICHAEL RASFELD. Schuba's is "Ground Zero" for EARS and the place where it all began back in 1986 when a rag-tag shaggy cavemen-like barely intelligible group of Chicago recording engineers and studio owners led by Mike hosted its first meeting. Schubas was then an eclectic jazz/new wave/punk music club known as "Gaspars". Tragically, Mike departed from us in 1989 at the tender age of 38 but along with all past EARS Presidents, officers, and members we are dedicated to carrying on the torch started by Michael.
First EARS meeting in 1986
First EARS meeting back in 1986
Modern EARS meeting
Modern EARS meeting today

Our past networking events have been wildly successful and this year will be no exception. We have the pleasure of hosting our event here yet again 27 years after the first EARS meeting in Schuba's wonderful private party room upstairs with our very own bartender. You will have an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with fellow shaggy cavemen-like audio professionals, industry peers, and students. If you have been thinking of checking out EARS and getting to meet with your fellow comrades in the trenches, this is an excellent opportunity. Remember to bring some stone tools and business cards!

EARS Networking event January 2012 EARS Networking event January 2012 EARS Networking event January 2012
EARS V.3 Networking event at Schuba's in January 2012 (Photos courtesy of John Christy)

You don't need to be a member to attend this event and we encourage anyone curious about EARS to come check it out. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. but you can land early at the bar downstairs even sooner. The entrance to the private room is on the right once you enter through Schuba's front door. Once again, a special thanks to Schuba's events coordinator Terri Champelli for putting up with EARS for yet another year.

This is a cash bar event with light food fare brought to you by

See you there!

Tony Montana
"I've found that networking has greatly improved my product quality, distribution, and supply for all my customers. Thanks, networking !"
--Tony Montana

Captain Picard Borg

Networking is inevitable.
You will be assimilated.

caveman in a studio

Mix sound good, right ?


- This event is open to EARS Members and non-members alike.
- Start time = 7:30 p.m. but stop by earlier if you like
- This is a cash bar bring some cash (a credit card will do as well).
- Light food fare will be served compliments of SHURE, VINTAGE KING, EARS, and SCHUBAS.

- Those 21 and under are invited as well. Schubas staff will check your ID and issue a wristband accordingly.

- Parking is free on the South side of Belmont Ave. Pay boxes apply on the North side and surrounding streets until 9pm. Some side streets require residential permits...beware !

Check out these fun videos starring Mike Rasfeld:

- TV feature with Mike and ACME Recording
- Mike's bike tour of the Illinois Prairie Path and Wheaton
- Mike's tour of Acme (With Cameo by Hudson Fair & Blaise Barton)
- See more at Mike's website here
Mike Rasfeld
EARS founder and all around super-talented swell dude who can also fly,
Mike Rasfeld
EARS Pirate Logo

EARS is proudly sponsored by:

Shure Inc.
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