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SMACK DOWN...Analog Tape V.S. ProTools HEAT

+PLUS+ THE 1st official EARS


@ 7 p.m. AT


Uptown Recording Studio West
Studio West Live Room at Uptown Recording

It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that while the digital workstation has made it extremely easy for engineers and producers to record, edit, and mix with incredible convenience and speed, the actual sound of recordings made using this modern marvel tend to lack the "warmth", "bark", "punch", "fat", "grease", "glue" etc. (insert your own adjective here) compared to traditional analog methods.

At UPTOWN RECORDING we will have the opportunity to hear and compare the latest generation of analog emulation software against REAL analog gear including a well-tuned MCI JH-16 2" 16 track tape recorder. As a centerpiece to the evening, our friends at Uptown Recording will be conducting a demonstration of AVID Heat, a relatively new analog emulation plug-in for ProTools, presenting an in-depth comparison of how HEAT can shape sound vs. recording the same track direct to 2” tape. Come hear for yourself to "see" if the technology has truly arrived.....Are we there yet??? You'll have to be there to decide for yourself!

As part of our "plug-in party" we will also be featuring other plug-ins, some familiar, some new. These days most of us who record on a digital audio workstation have come to appreciate and rely on a number of software plug-ins to enhance their sound and help craft a project. If you were to compare engineers to chefs, everyone has their own special recipe for getting that special sound. We invite you to join us and share with the group how you like to dial in your favorite sound, using Amp Farm, Auto Tune, or whatever your favorite plug-in of the month might be.

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- This event is open to EARS Members and non-members alike.
- Start time = 7 p.m.
- Light food fare and Adult beverages will be served compliments of EARS and our sponsors.

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