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Sub Phatty Do you remember the first time you laid your hands on an analogue synthesizer and marveled at the bizarre and beautiful sounds you could make? Chances are pretty good that it was a Moog synth and you were probably like a kid in a candy store. Well now you can relive that experience all over again as EARS and Moog are pleased to bring you this interactive workshop.

Although Bob Moog left us in 2005, Moog Music never stopped making those wonderful analogue synths and we will have them all laid out for you to play with in Groovemaster Studio's enormous facility. The full set of Moogerfooger processors will also be on hand.

Groovemaster Studios
Several views from Groovemaster Studios spacious rooms

Moog_500_series In addition, Moog has recently entered the pro-audio arena with some interesting new 500 series modules. In the control room we will have the opportunity to hear these modules through a vintage Neve console, including the Moog Analog Delay, the world’s first delay designed for the 500 series format. It is a MIDI syncable module that features a 100% analog signal path, front panel MIDI, and an assignable Tap Tempo/CV jack.

Also in the lunch box is the Ladder, a dynamic transistor ladder filter based on Bob Moog's original ladder filter designs, a sound sculpting tool that allows for creative and unique sound shifting and shaping.

Moog Voyager XL

Even if you are not a musician or keyboard player, these things are literally covered with pots, switches, and faders and by now, we here at EARS HQ have pretty much figured out what cranks your knob...
You don't need to be an EARS member to attend the workshop and we encourage anyone curious about EARS, MOOG, or GROOVEMASTER STUDIOS to come check it out. The doors open at 7 p.m. and it will be a casual affair with a lot of the usual networking. A special thanks to Larry Schara for providing the toys, EARS members Johnny K and Crystal Olson at Groovemaster for opening up the facility to us, and Moog Music for the food and libations.

See ya there!


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Take advantage of this offer and join the ranks of your
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We are very pleased to announce the winners
of the first ever EARS MIX-OFF

A very enthusiastic community of more than 70 mixers participated by downloading the stem tracks posted by EARS. On Saturday, April 20th at the 5th annual CIMM Fest/EARS MIX-OFF EVENT, approximately 25 participants submitted their mix entries in person which were judged by an energized group of both engineers and non-engineer CIMM FEST goers.

At the event, we carefully scrutinized 3 songs per round, in some cases with a second listen and as many as 3 rounds. Attendees voted for the best mixes by a show of hands and after each round offered their unbiased opinion as to why they preferred one mix over another (all mixes were played double blind).

After the winners of each category were determined (in rock, pop, hip hop, r&b, jazz) we voted on the overall best mix of all 5 categories. It is with great pleasure we present to you the winners of the first EARS MIX-OFF...

Tim Rusin
Winner of overall best mix in the POP category,
Tim Rusin, an instructor at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy.

Mix off winners
1) Trevor Wiitala, winner of the HIP HOP mix 2) Kevin Chin DOUBLE winner in the Jazz and R&B mixes
3) Teak Barton, winner of the ROCK mix

Congrats to all...the mixes will be posted on the EARS SOUNDCLOUD JUKEBOX.


- This event is open to EARS Members and non-members alike.
- Doors open at 7p.m.
- Food fare (pizza) will be available compliments of MOOG
- Adult beverages will be available.
- Parking is available in the lot next to Groovemaster and on all surrounding streets.

Moog synth with Theramin
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