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Master Class: Mixing in 5.1 surround
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How do you create a mix in 5.1 surround?

Come find out at this very informative and educational workshop at Chicago Recording Company on Tuesday, November 30th at 7pm. Paul Stewart from Genelec in conjunction with Spoiled By Technology Inc. will demonstrate some of the latest Genelec DSP monitors. This advanced monitoring system will be configured in a 5.1 surround setup so that CRC's own Chris Shepard and Chris Steinmetz can present a hands-on mix workshop, showing you how to build a 5.1 mix from scratch. Some of the program material we'll use includes live location recordings of Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello tracked by Chris Shepard's American Mobile live recording truck.

Due to limited space, this is an EARS MEMBERS ONLY workshop. You must be a member of EARS and your dues must be current to participate. If you joined EARS after April 27th 2010, then your membership is current. All other members are due for renewal as of October 26th 2010. If you haven't already, please take a moment to renew your membership by clicking here OR pressing the big red button below. We know how much you love to press those big red buttons! If you are not sure of your membership status, send EARS an email at membership@ears-chicago.org

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Chris Shepard
Mobile America)

Chris Steinmetz
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EARS 5.1 Workshop/ Meeting:
Tuesday, November 30th 2010, 7p.m. at
CRC (Chicago Recording Company)
232 E. Ohio Street, Chicago

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