Dear Fellow EARS/NARAS members,

The Producers and Engineering Wing (P&E) of NARAS and EARS (The Engineering And Recording Society of Chicago) invite you to an evening of networking and socializing with your fellow audio comrades and a feature presentation by Maureen Droney, the Senior Executive Director of the Producers and Engineers Wing. The event will happen at JoyRide Studio. NARAS and EARS will spring for food, beer, and wine at the event. Everyone is welcome and you do not need to be a member of NARAS or EARS to attend but you can certainly join either or both at the meeting. Parking is available on the North side of Chicago Ave. and on Sacramento Blvd. just North of Chicago Ave. Look forward to seeing/meeting you there!

WHERE: JoyRide Studio, 3028 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago IL 60622     773-533-1880
WHEN:   Tuesday, July 13th at 7p.m.
WHO:     Everyone is welcome to attend!

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